Student Tracking And Retention (Next Generation): STAR-Trak: NG

Lead institution: Leeds metropolitan University
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Project hypothesis:
That by harvesting user activity (usage and attention) data that already resides in existing institutional systems, combining it with demographic information and presenting it in a single portal- type application, we can improve our support services by revealing new information, providing students, tutors and student support officers with a broader picture of a student’s engagement with the University at both an academic and social level.
Furthermore, being able to predict students at risk of dropping out, based on lack of engagement, will enable us to develop targeted personalised interventions appropriate to the type and level of non- engagement, and do so in a more joined-up and timely manner.
Project description
This project will provide an application (STAR-Trak:NG) to highlight and manage interventions with students who are at risk of dropping out, identified primarily by mining student activity data held in corporate systems. STAR- Trak:NG represents a synthesis and extension of the outputs of two JISC projects: our current STAR- Trak (Student Tracking And Retention) proof-of- concept application, and MCMS (Mining Course Management. System) developed by TVU. Whilst far more sophisticated than STAR- Trak, MCMS is currently tightly bound to TVUs IT architecture, source systems for activity data, business processes and culture, and hence is not yet reusable by other institutions. In summary, our project will:
  • Take the best elements of MCMS into Star-Trak as “STAR-Trak:NG” to work with user activity data, business processes, structures and cultures at Leeds Metropolitan
  • Provide a stepping-stone, supported by TVU and Coventry Universities, to creating an open source application that can, with future development and support through JISC and OSS- Watch, be shared across the HE and FE sectors
A fuller illustrated description can be found here.
Further work
The project will be continuing. See Next steps.