Service and system improvement

Activity data provides information on what is actually being used / accessed. The opportunity exists to use data on and how and where resources are being used at a much finer level of granularity than is currently available. Activity data can therefore be used to help inform collection management.
Note that this is an area where shared or open data may be particularly valuable in helping to identify important gaps in a collection.
Projects working in this area:
It is recommended that in the coming year JISC should fund work to investigate how activity data can support collection management.
In particular work is needed to
  • Consider how activity data can supplement data that libraries are already obtaining from publishers, through projects such as JUSP and the UK Research Reserve.
  • Assess the potential to include Open Access journals in this work.
  • Pilot work based on SALT and OpenURL to see if the data that they are using is helpful in this area.
It is recommended that JISC fund projects to use activity data from VLEs and related tools to understand how these actually being used.
  • Consider building on the work of EVAD to use activity to understand how VLEs and related tools are actually being used.