Technical recipes

A recipe documents a process performed by a project to solve a particular problem. There are three uses for recipes:
  • Where a recipe is an exact match for something someone needs to do the recipe is simply a set of steps to follow.
  • As a source for ideas as to what you might do to solve a problem in an activity data project that you are engaged in.
  • To gain a flavour of what activity data projects have done, to better understand what the activity data project you are contemplating might do.
Recipes appear under three main headings
There is also a further section, that contains relevant recipes from elsewhere on the web:
Perforce, all recipes are about techniques applied to particular systems. However, some recipes are more system-specific than others. For example, all the recipes in the extracting activity data section are very specific, with most so being extract entry statistics from the Sentry library gate entry system.
While still system-specific, the processing activity data section contains some more recipes that describe technology that can be used more widely in processing activity data. There are five such recipes. An example is manipulating activity data using Ruby, where the OpenURL Router log data is used as an exemplar activity data set that is processed using Ruby.