Other Publications and Online Resources

National Federation of Advanced Information Services
NFAIS has published Information Access and Usage Behavior in Today's Academic Environment . Papers included:
Learning & Knowledge Analytics
The Learning & Knowledge Analytics blog (http://www.learninganalytics.net/?page_id=2 ) is devoted to this growing area of interest to educators, administrators, and entrepreneurs. Starting January 2011, this site proposed to serve as the starting point for an open course, offered to support the Learning and Knowledge Analytics 2011 Conference . The course is facilitated by George Siemens (TEKRI, Athabasca University), Jon Drown (SCIS, Athabasca University), Dave Cormier (University of Prince Edward Island), Tanya Elias (Athabasca University), and Sylvia Currie (BCcampus).
For example, George Siemens’ post of 5-aug 2011 provides a useful framework for understanding activity data in the broader educational business context, mapping the space that includes ‘educational data- mining’, ‘academic analytics’ and ‘learning analytics’.graphic
A Framework for Learning Analytics
Hendrik Drachsler and Wolfgang Greller of the Open University of the Netherlands (CELSTEC) have submitted ‘Translating Learning into Numbers: Toward a Generic Framework for Learning Analytics’ for publication in the Educational Technology and Society (JETS): Special Issue on Learning Analytics (ed. George Siemens). See http://www.slideshare.net/Drachsler/turning-learning-into-numbers-a-learning-analytics-framework for further insights in to their framework.