One of the big issues for the project was to ensure we were abiding to legal regulations and restrictions, and continue to do so. You should ensure you discuss privacy issues with your institute’s legal advisor, records manager and/or ethics committee. As detailed earlier we made efforts to ensure there is:
  • Full anonymisation of both students and universities so that neither can be identified via the data. We contacted JISC Legal prior to data collection to confirm our procedures were appropriate, and additionally liaised with our Records Manager and the University’s legal advisor.
  • We have excluded any small courses in public reports or open access release to prevent identification of individuals i.e. where a course has less than 35 students and/or fewer than 5 of a specific degree level.
  • To notify library and resource users of our data collection. We referred to another data project, EDINA, which provides the following statement for collaborators to use on their web pages: