The Activity Data Synthesis team would like to express their sincere thanks to all the following who have contributed to the development of this site.
Firstly we would like to thank JISC for funding this work, and the projects whose work we are bringing together on this site, and without which we would not have been able to undertake this work.
Secondly we would like to thank all the project staff who have been universally extremely helpful in giving their time and information and allowing us to re-use the words that they have written. We hope that they have found the experience beneficial.
Most of the material for this web site has been drawn from material produced and written by the activity data projects funded by the JISC, and in particular from their blog postings, which are linked to from projects pages. As we have made such extensive use of their words and this is not an academic paper we have decided for purposes of readability not to cite their words where they are used. We have also altered them in order to provide greater stylistic cohesion.
The authors are not cited each time that there work has been used as this would make the text unreadable, and much of their work has been edited to give it a common style.
We would like to thank the following project staff:
Activity data to Enhance and Increase Open-access Usage (AEIOU) , Aberystwyth University
Exploiting Access Grid Activity Data (AGtivity) , University of Manchester
Exposing VLE Activity Data (EVAD) , CARET, University of Cambridge
Library Impact Data Project (LIDP) , University of Huddersfield
Recommendations Improve the Search Experience (RISE) , Open University
Surfacing the Academic Long Tail (SALT) , MIMAS, University of Manchester
STAR-Trak: NG (Next Generation)
User-Centric Integration of Activity Data (UCIAD) , Open University
Using OpenURL Activity Data , Edina, University of Edinburgh
Synthesis project, University of Manchester
Other people who have contributed include:
The project also wishes to thank international colleagues and projects for their engagement in developing a mutual understanding of the potential of Activity Data and the enabling technologies. special mentions go to:
  • Learning Registry at the US DOE / DOD - Steve Midgley & Dan Rehac
  • Library Cloud at Harvard University - David Weinberger & Kim Dulin
  • Metridoc at the University of Pennsylvania - Michael Winkler & Joe Zucca
  • Jens Hofman Hansen of the Statsbiblioteket, Arhus and the 2011 On Tracks conference
  • David Massart from EUN
  • Susan VanGundy from the US National Science Digital Library
All material in this site, unless otherwise noted, is licensed under the Creative commons by attribution licence. graphic