AGtivity: next steps

Areas that should be explored next;- likes and opportunities to be exploited, and issues to be addressed
  • Integrate with other video conferencing sources; JVCS H.323, EVO, Skype.
  • Continue to log at same level of detail; next stage should consider even smaller uses for example individual devices (camera feeds) could tell site involvement.
  • Cross-correlate with student data attendance and completion rates: this was an unused task in the current time-table of work-plan. This should be a win-win and extra funds are being sought for this role.
  • Tentative ideas on cross-linking with library and resource data downloads; mainly for course module lectures. This activity data from the lecture times would give a window of time to search for library or blackboard activity.
  • Next level of statistics and visualization needs to consider trends, for example auto- correlations within longer time series data.